Where it's good to be

Hello! You have arrived.

Welcome to Belysium! When would you like to stay with us?

Rest Assured

Belysium Bed & Breakfast Room offers

Our rooms are waiting for you with comfortable beds and private bathrooms! Breakfast is included!

Superior Panoráma kétágyas szoba erkéllyel

What is Belysium? 

Belysium is a place where everything is about You. Where you can take a break from your everyday life, where you find kind words, a place from where you can start from and where you can come back, where soft beds and delicious breakfasts await you. Simply put, Belysium is the place where it is good to be.

Family atmosphere, a friendly environment!

In 2020, after many-many years, our family has decided to escape from the jungle of the city centre and not to stop until the Hungarian sea! Our plan has come true and here we are! 🙂

Belysium is actually us 🙂

The cute B&B in Gyenesdiás swept us off our feet in an instant. We looked at each other and understood from a glance: yes, we have arrived.

Our passion is a world champion breakfast

How does a great day start? With plenty and tasty breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere. 

At the most beautiful part of Balaton! Why Gyenesdiás?

Because of its beautiful beaches, trees loud from birds singing, reeds rustling from deer and pheasants, the endless forests and starry nights. In addition to the many sights, everyone can find an opportunity to relax here.

Everyone deserves a bit of rest!

Making you feel comfortable and at home is the goal we pursue every day.

Hello! You have arrived!

Relax, have a holiday, we will take care of the rest!

The island of peace and quiet

Whether you arrive alone, with your partner or with a larger company, you can have a good time at Belysium!

Complete relaxation

A cozy and friendly atmosphere near lake Balaton and the many-many sights.

Breakfast here and there

What we are proud of: every week, day-to-day we prepare something homemade for you, let it be my mother’s fresh homemade bread or a divine rice cake!

For lactose intolerant guests we can offer an alternative for some of our products, you can ask about these at the reception.

As we are a small family business, currently we cannot meet the needs of everyone with food allergies or those following a special diet.

After our buffet breakfast it is guaranteed that you will not be hungry until the afternoon, however, if you would like to eat something tasty in the evening, we can recommend local inns and restaurants. Feel free to ask!

Would you like to relax completely?

Whether it is the hottest summer or the weather is cooler every opportunity is given for you to relax!






Bed & Breakfast


Kossuth Lajos u. 18.
HU-8315 Gyenesdiás


+36 30 464 9480



Hétfő-Vasárnap: 08:00 -12:00 15:00 - 20:00
Bejelentkezés: 15:00-18:00
Kijelentkezés: 08:00-10:00